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Award Submission Deadline Awarding Date Categories
Manufacturing Champions Awards 14th September6th December4425
Categories: The Manufacturing Leader Award
Manufacturing Team Award
The Rising Star Awards:
Rising Star: Manager/Technician
Rising Star: Apprentice

Unsung Hero Award
Safe Workplace Champion Award
Employee-led Innovation Award
Community Champion Award
Skills Champion Award
Maintenance Team Award
SME Innovators Award
Energy and Environment Champion
UK Manufacturing Hero
European Office Products Awards (EOPA) 23rd October5th March1730
Categories: Company Awards
Product of the Year
Marketing Initiative of the Year
Video of the Year
Reseller of the Year
Vendor of the Year
Wholesaler of the Year

Individual Awards
Young Executive of the Year
Professional of the Year
Industry Achievement
Heating and Ventilation (H&V) News Awards ~3rd November~19th April169
Categories: Air Movement Product of the Year
Apprentice of the Year (21 and under)
Apprentice of the Year (Over 21)
BIM Initiative of the Year
Building Services Contractor of the Year
Building Services Project of the Year
Collaboration of the Year
Commercial HVAC Product of the Year
District Heating Project of the Year
Domestic Heating Contractor of the Year
Domestic Heating Product of the Year
Domestic Ventilation Product of the Year
HVAC Initiative of the Year
Renewable Project of the Year
Retrofit Project of the Year
Safety Initiative of the Year
Service & Maintenance Initiative of the Year
Smart Installer of the Year
Training Initiative of the Year

Special Awards
B&ES Gold Award
Outstanding Achievement of the Year Award
The Temperature Controlled Logistics Awards~4th November~30th January - 2nd February 913
Categories: Best Temperature Controlled Logistics Project Award
Supply Chain Innovation Award
Cold Chain IQ Newcomer Award
Cold Chain IQ Influential Media Award
International Awards for Powered Access IAPAs~1st December~8th March713
Categories: The IAPA Innovative Technology Prize
Access Rental Company of the Year
Contribution to Safe Working at Height
Project of the Year
Powered Access Pioneer
IPAF/Access International Lifetime Achievement Award
Product of the Year – Scissor lifts & vertical mast platforms, (low level access, vertical mast booms, push around platforms, stock pickers)
Product of the Year – Self-propelled booms & atrium lifts
Product of the Year – Vehicle & trailer mounted
Product of the Year – Mast climbing work platforms & hoists
Access photo of the year

IPAF Training Centre of the Year
IPAF Training Instructor of the Year
Insider Made in the UK Awards~Multiple dates~20th June2302
Categories: Digital Engineering / Technology Award
Supply Chain Award
Manufacturing Innovation Award
Automotive Award
Export Award
Food & Drink Award
Green / Sustainable Manufacturer Award
Manufacturing Apprenticeship / Training Scheme Award
Medical, Life Sciences & Healthcare Award
Collaboration Award
Manufacturer of the Year (under £25m)
Manufacturer of the Year (over £25m)
The Pump Industry Awards ~15th January~22nd March3547
Categories: Technical Innovation of the Year – Products
Technical Innovation of the Year – Projects
Environmental Contribution of the Year
Manufacturer of the Year
Distributor of the Year
Supplier of the Year
Engineer of the Year
Lifetime Achievement Award
Motion Control Industry Awards ~9th February~10th April3745
Categories: Technical Innovation of the Year
Environmental/Energy Efficiency Award
Project of the Year
Manufacturer of the Year
Distributor of the Year
Contribution to Skills & Training
Engineer of the Year
Lifetime Contribution
Electronics Weekly BrightSparks Awards~28th February~3rd May5110
Categories: 30 electronics engineers under 30 years old
Materials Research Society MRS Annual Awards ~Multiple dates~30th October 3665
Categories: MRS Fellow
Von Hippel Award
David Turnbull Lectureship
MRS Medal
Innovation in Materials Characterization Award
Materials Theory Award
Outstanding Young Investigator
Mid-Career Researcher Award
MRS Postdoctoral Awards
Graduate Student Awards
The RAC Cooling Industry Awards~20th April26th September30
Categories: Student of the Year
Air Conditioning Innovation
Air Conditioning Product of the Year
Building Energy Project
Cold Chain Innovation
Cold Chain Project (Logistics and Storage)
Environmental Collaboration
Fred Jamieson Award for Industry Achievement
International Achievement
Low Carbon Achievement
RAC Contractor of the Year (AC or Ref)
Refrigeration Innovation
Refrigeration Product of the Year
Retail Initiative
Retail Project
Gold Award
European Bio-Based Innovation Awards~29th April~1st June4177
Categories: Bio-Based Product of the Year
Bio-Based Chemical Innovation of the Year
The Carton Excellence Awards~17th May20th September5045
Categories: Dry Foods & Beverages (including tea, coffee, soft drinks, beer & wine)
Frozen & Chilled Foods
Fast/Convenience Food (including paper cups)
Luxury Goods (e.g. spirits & sparkling wine, beauty care, gifting)
Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
Save the Planet: packs that have made a significant contribution to helping the environment
Innovative Material: newly developed cartonboard or paper based substrate
CEE Manufacturing & Logistics Awards ~18th May~21st June3376
Categories: Manufacturing Excellence Awards categories:
Production Innovation
Product design/Life Cycle Management (PLM)
Excellence in Manufacturing Management
Supply Chain Management (SCM) / Logistics
International Exporter - criteria based on several factors means of transport, number of countries and new markets attained, amount(s) exported in value
Quality Control
Customer Relationship Management / Customer Service / Customer Satisfaction
Information Technologies (IT) for Manufacturing
Sustainability and Environment
Business and Science
Grand Prize - Manufacturer of the Year
Global Luxury Manufacturing Company of the Year

Manufacturing Supplier & Professional Service Categories:
Plant Manager
Professional of the Year
Facilities/Maintenance Management
Property Management
Recruitment Engineering and Manufacturing
Robotics/Automation provider
Software Provider (IT) Enterprise/Industrial
Banking and Finance
Professional Service Provider (legal, accounting, consultancy, insurance, architectural & structural Engineering)
Logistics Services (Road, Rail, Sea)
Industrial and Technology Park
Special Economic Zone
Build to Suit (BTS)
Corporate Real Estate Consultancy
Technical Excellence & Creativity TEC Awards ~28th May~21st January 3546
Categories: Technical Achievement Categories
Amplification Hardware - Studio & Sound Reinforcement
Amplifiers, speaker/monitor management, system controllers, signal distribution, snakes, feedback eliminators, crossovers, and related equipment
Audio Apps & Hardware / Peripherals for Smartphones/Tablets
Mobile applications an hardware for recording and music production, audio measurement, utilities, controllers, signal processing and musical instruments --- recording, test/measurement, control, audio, and music production/performance and add-ons/accessories
Audio Education Technology
Books, programs, software, hardware systems and devices intended to promote knowledge of audio and musical topics.
Computer Audio Hardware
Converters, interfaces, master clocks, data storage, peripherals, and made-for-audio computers
DJ Production Technology - Hardware / Software
Turntables, mixers, signal processing, controllers, software and peripherals specifically designed for DJ production and live performance
Hardware/Peripherals for Smartphones and Tablets
Recording, test/measurement, control, audio and music production/performance add-ons/accessories
Headphone / Earpiece Technology
Headphones and in-ear transducers for professional studio, live sound and broadcast
Large Format Console Technology
Mixing boards over 60 pounds for recording, broadcast or sound reinforcement
Microphone Preamplifiers
Mic preamps, channel strips and other products that process mic-level signals
Microphones - Recording
Microphones and accessories for recording applications
Microphones - Sound Reinforcement
Microphones and accessories for live sound applications
Musical Instrument Amplification & Effects
Instrument amps, preamp/processing/effects rack units and pedalboards, stomp boxes, and related equipment
Musical Instrument Hardware
Hardware-based synths, samplers, drum machines, instruments, and controllers
Musical Instrument Software
Virtual instruments, music creation software, instrument libraries/loops, amp modelers, and related equipment
Production Essentials
Acoustic materials, synchronizers, control systems, DI Boxes, test equipment, accessories, and related equipment
Signal Processing Hardware
Delays, reverbs, compressors, limiters, equalizers, noise reduction, and other effects
Signal Processing Hardware (500 Series Modules)
Delays, reverbs, compressors, limiters, equalizers, noise reduction, and other effects in the 500 Series format
Signal Processing Software (Dynamics/EQ/Utilities)
Stand-alone and plug-ins – compressors, limiters, equalizers, crossovers, meters, restoration and related equipment for computer-based signal manipulation
Signal Processing Software (Effects)
Stand-alone and plug-ins — delays, reverbs, chorus, pitch/harmony, spatial apps and related equipment for computer-based signal manipulation
Small Format Console Technology (Studio, Broadcast, Sound Reinforcement)
Portable, under 60-pound mixers for recording, broadcast or sound reinforcement
Sound Reinforcement Loudspeakers
Main and stage monitor systems, drivers, horns, transducers and other components for live sound applications
Studio Monitors
Speakers, monitors, drivers and components for studio applications
Wireless Technology
Wireless systems including mics, transmitters, receivers, accessories, and related equipment
Workstation Technology / Recording Devices
Computer-based DAWs and digital editing systems; and hardware based systems for recording and capturing audio
Creative Achievement Categories
Interactive Entertainment Sound Production
Record Production/ Album
Record Production/ Single or Track
Remote Production/ Recording or Broadcast (Radio broadcast, TV broadcast, CD or DVD)
Television Sound Production Film Sound Production
Tour Sound Production
The Plastics Industry Awards~31st May28th September36
Categories: Unsung Hero
Apprentice or Trainee of the Year
Young Designer of the Year
Consumer Product Design of the Year
Industrial Product Design of the Year
Best Recycled Plastic Product of the Year
Best Training & Development Programme of the Year
Best Technology Application of the Year
Best Environmental or Energy Efficiency Programme of the Year
Best Business Initiative of the Year
Processor of the Year
Supplier Partnership - Materials
Supplier Partnership - Ancillary Machinery
Supplier Partnership - Prime Machinery
Supplier Partnership - Toolmaker
The Manufacturer Top 100 ~31st May~15th November4058
Categories: An Inspiring Leader‎
Bold Investor in New Markets ‎
Driver of Cultural Change‎
The Unsung Hero‎
The Young Pioneer‎
ECN Impact Awards ~1st June~24th October3282
Categories: Antennas
• Cables
• Connectors
Recognising RF, Microwave and Wireless Design Excellence

• Integrated Circuits (ICs)
• Optoelectronics
• Oscillators
• Power
• RF Amplifiers
• Semiconductors
• Sensors
• Signal Processing Components
• Switches
• Test Equipment
• Wireless Charging

Custom Manufacturing (CM) Innovation:

Green Technology
Market Disrupter
Material Technology Innovation
UK Packaging Awards~22nd June30th October42
Categories: Performance Awards:
A - Packaging Company
C - Design Team
D - Packaging Development Team
E - Investment Project
F - CSR Initiative
G - Outstanding Contribution
H - Rising Star
I - Contract Packer

Quality Awards:
J - Metal Pack
K - Corrugated: Online Retail and Consumer Goods
L - Corrugated: Retail Ready and Point of Sale
M - Cartonboard Pack
N - Glass Pack a. Everyday b. Premium
O - Flexible Plastic Pack
P - Rigid Plastic Pack
Q - Label
R - Resource Efficient Pack
S - Innovation
T - Best Packaging of a New Product
U - Branding Project
V - Supply Chain Solution
W - Consumer Convenience
X - Best New Concept
Y - Limited Edition
Z - Smart Pack of the Year
The Manufacturer MX Awards~22nd June15th November200
Categories: Achieving Customer Value
Digital Enterprise
Innovation & Design
Leadership & Strategy
Operational Excellence
People & Skills
Smart Factory
Supply Chain
Sustainable Manufacturing
Young Manufacturer
EEF Future Manufacturing Awards~29th June~31st January 86
Categories: Business Award:
Business Growth and Strategy
Developing Future Talent
Health and Safety

Apprentice Award:
EF Engineering Apprentice of the Year
EEF Business Apprentice of the Year
Lux Awards ~29th June15th November2498
Categories: Retail Lighting Project of the Year
Industrial and Transport Project of the Year
Hospitality and Leisure and Faith Project of the Year
Office, Education and Healthcare Lighting Project of the Year
Outdoor Lighting Project of the Year
Interior Luminaire of the Year
Exterior Luminaire of the Year
Emergency Lighting Product of the Year
Connected Lighting Innovation of the Year
Enabling Technology of the Year
Controls Product of the Year
Recycling Award
Manufacturer of the Year
Client of the Year
SLL Young Lighter of the Year
Lux Person of the Year

National Pig Awards ~29th June~6th November3775
Categories: Indoor and Outdoor Producer of the Year
Finisher of the Year
Young Pig Farmer of the Year
Innovation of the Year
Herd Productivity of the Year
Stockman of the Year
Unit Manager of the Year
Producer Retailer of the Year
Trainee of the Year
Pedigree Breeder of the Year

NEW Special Achievement of the Year
NEW Young Vet of the Year
Elektra Awards (Electronics Weekly)27th July5th December56
Categories: Distributor of the Year
Manufacturer of the Year
New Company of the Year
Excellence in Product Design for Medical
Excellence in Product Design for Automotive
Excellence in product Design for High-Reliability Systems
Design Team of the Year
Educational Support Award
Rising Star New Engineer of the Year
Design Tools and Development Software Award
Passive and Electromechanical Product of the Year
Power System Product of the Year
Renewable Energy Design Award
Semiconductor Product of the Year – Analogue
Semiconductor Product of the Year – Digital
LED Lighting Product of the Year
Internet-of-Things Product Innovation Award
Test Product of the Year

Additional categories:
Agrow Awards30th July12th November2540
Categories: Best New Biological Product
Best Application Technology Innovation
Best Company from an Emerging Region
Best Formulation Innovation
Best R&D Pipeline
Best Industry Collaboration
Best Manager with Strategic Vision
Best Marketing Campaign
Best New Crop Protection Product or Trait
Best Novel Agricultural Biotechnology
Best Packaging Innovation
Best Public Outreach Programme
Best Stewardship Programme
Best Supplier
Best Supporting Role
Lifetime Achievement
The British Aerosol Manufacturers Association BAMA Awards31st August17th October3713
Categories: Aerosol Of The Year
aerosol Packing Award
sustainability Award
process Safety And Training Award
special Recognition Award

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