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Award Submission Deadline Awarding Date Categories
Nuclear Decommissioning Authority NDA Supply Chain Awards 5th September1st November4367
Categories: Best Technical Innovation to benefit an NDA Business
Best Approach to Ethical Practice or Social Responsibility
Best Supply Chain Collaboration
Best People Strategy
Best Export of a Product, Technology or Services
Green Energy Awards7th September27th November1231
Categories: Clean energy scheme
Clean energy pioneer
Clean energy innovation
Clean energy system disruptor
Community energy initiative
Local energy leadership

Platts Global Energy Awards7th September6th December2219
Categories: Award of Excellence:

Upstream Transformation
Chief Executive of the Year

Lifetime Achievement Award

Rising Star Award:
Deal of the Year:
Corporate Social Responsibility Award

Grid Edge Award

Construction Project of the Year
Engineering Project of the Year

Emerging Technology of the Year
Commercial Application of the Year

Energy Company of the Year

Other Associated Awards:
Energy Transition Award
Researcher Award
Utility Week Awards 13th September10th December115
Categories: Capital Project Management Award
Community Initiative of the Year
Customer Care Award
Customer Engagement Award
Diversity Award
Environment Award
Health and Safety Award
Innovation Award
IT Initiative of the Year
Staff Development Award
Supply Chain Excellence
Team of the Year
Utility Partner of the Year
Utility of the Year
The Sustainable Energy Awards21st September8th March5049
Categories: A. Innovation in Microgeneration
A2. Wind
A3. Water (land or marine)
A4. Ground Source
A5. Air source
A6. Biomass

B. Microgeneration Projects
B1. Community
B2. Industrial
B3. Commercial
B4. Agricultural
B5. National

C. Discipline
C1. Design
C2. Planning
C3. Training
C4. Manufacturing
C5. Installation
C6. Maintenance
C7. Ecology

D. People in Microgeneration
D1. Rising Star
D2. Apprenticeships
D3. Sales and customer service
D4. Inventiveness
D5. Energy
D6. Environment

E. Overall Sustainable Energy Champion
Street Works Awards~5th October28th November120
Categories: Safety Award
Quality Award
Minimise Disruption
Keeping the public fully informed
Avoiding Damage
Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) Distinguished Achievement Awards~5th October~30th April2642
Categories: Distinguished Achievement Award for Individuals
Distinguished Achievement Award for Companies, Organizations and Institutions
Sustainable Water Industry Awards (SWIG)~8th October~8th November4558
Categories: Domestic building
Non-domestic building
Communication - Education and schools
Communication - Other
Open spaces and agriculture
Urban Greening
Product - Sanitary appliances
Product - Other
World Finance Oil and Gas Awards13th October~16th August 1568
Categories: Regional Awards for North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Best Fully-Integrated Company
Best Independent Company
Best Exploration and Production Company
Best Upstream Service and Solutions Company
Best Downstream Service and Solutions Company
Best Drilling Contractor
Best Investment Company
Best Refining Company
Best Oil Sands Company
Best Piping Service and Solutions Company
Best Innovation in Drilling Technology
Best Sustainable Company
Best EPC Service and Solutions Company
Best CEO
Best Oil & Gas Project
Best Oil & Gas Piping Manufacturer
Best Innovation in Oil Sands Technology
Best Oil and Gas Port Facility
The Institute of Water Innovation Awards~19th October~7th December4559
Categories: Best overall innovation
Best for Value
Best Process
Mining Journal Outstanding Achievement Awards~25th October~27th November3706
Categories: Country Award
Exploration Award
Corporate Development Award
Large Cap Deal of The Year
Mining Analyst of the Year
Fund Manager of the Year
CEO of the Year
Small & Mid-Cap Deal of The Year
Innovation in Mining Technology
Pioneer in Battery Metals
Lifetime Achievement Award
UK Nuclear Skills Awards ~27th October~15th March4747
Categories: Business Service Apprentice of the Year
Engineering Apprentice of the Year
Manufacturing Apprentice of the Year
Scientific Apprentice of the Year
Engineering Graduate of the Year
Scientific Graduate of the Year
Post Graduate of the Year
STEM Ambassador Award
The European Utility Industry Awards~30th October~15th November4554
Categories: Community Energy Award
Grid Intelligence Award
Energy Retail Award
Energy Revolution Award
Energy Management Award
Best International Project
Subsea UK Awards ~3rd November~8th February4821
Categories: Global Exports Award
Best Small Company Award
Company of the Year Award
Innovation & Technology Award
New Enterprise Award
Innovation for Safety Award
Young Emerging Talent Award
Outstanding Contribution Award
Bloomberg New Energy Pioneers Awards ~10th November~9th April2646
Categories: Ten Game Changing Companies in clean energy technology and innovation
ENI Award~24th November~1st May 2210
Categories: Announcement for Energy Frontiers Prize
Announcement for Energy Transition Prize
Announcement for Advanced Environmental Solutions Prize
Announcement for Young Researcher of the Year Prize 2018
Announcement for Debut in Research: Young Talents from Africa Prize
Announcement for Recognition at Innovation Eni

Young Researcher of the Year Candidature Proposal Prize 2018
Young Researcher of the Year Summary of the Thesis Prize 2018
Young Talents from Africa Candidature Proposal Prize 2018
Young Talents from Africa Research Proposal Prize 2018
Young Talents from Africa Summary of the Thesis Prize 2018
Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Offshore Achievement Awards~30th November~22nd March2407
Categories: Emerging Technology
Safety Innovations
Environmental Innovation
Export Achievement
Skills Development Programme
Young Professional
Above and Beyond
Great Small Company
Great Large Company
Significant Contribution
Rushlight Awards30th November~25th January4786
Categories: 1. Rushlight Solar Award
2. Rushlight Ground and Air Source Power Award
3. Rushlight Wind Power Award
4. Rushlight Marine & Hydro Energy Award
5. The winners of awards 1 to 4 will be shortlisted for the Rushlight Natural Energy Award.

6. Rushlight Bioenergy Award
7. Rushlight Powered Transport Award
8. Rushlight Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Award
9. The winners of awards 6 to 8 will be shortlisted for the Rushlight Clean Energy Award.

10. Rushlight Power Generation and Transmission Award
11. Rushlight Fossil Fuels Award
12. Rushlight Nuclear Energy Award
13. Rushlight Energy Reduction Award
14. Rushlight Energy Efficiency Award
15. The winners of awards 10 to 14 will be shortlisted for the Rushlight Energy Environmental Award.

16. Rushlight Water Treatment Award
17. Rushlight Water Management Award
18. Rushlight Resource Management Award
19. Rushlight Organic Resource Award
20. Rushlight Resource Recycling Award
21. Rushlight Waste to Energy Award
22. The winners of awards 16 to 21 will be shortlisted for the Rushlight Resource Innovation Award.

23. Rushlight Clean Environment Award
24. Rushlight Responsible Product or Service Award
25. Rushlight Sustainable Manufacturing & Services Award
26. Rushlight Sustainable Agriculture, Forestry & Biodiversity Award
27. Rushlight Environmental Analysis & Metrology Award
28. Rushlight Sustainability Initiative Award
29. The winners of awards 23 to 28 will be shortlisted for the Rushlight Environmental Management Award.

30. The Rushlight Award
Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) Spotlight on New Technology Awards ~13th December~1st - 4th May 2643
Categories: Criteria for both software and hardware:
Broad Interest
Significant Impact
Water Industry Achievement Awards~14th December~21st May2485
Categories: Energy and Carbon Initiative of the Year
Engineering Project of the Year
Customer Service Initiative of the of the Year
Data Project of the Year
Health and Safety Initiative of the Year
Most Innovative New Technology of the Year
Most Innovative Use of an Existing Technology
Alliance and Partnership Initiative of the Year
People Initiative of the Year
Drainage & Flood Prevention Initiative of the Year
Sludge & Resource Recovery Initiative of the Year
Water Resilience Initiative of the Year
Water Company of the Year
Water Industry Contractor of the Year
Oil and Gas Investor Excellence Awards ~30th December~9th March2644
E&P Special Meritorious Awards for Engineering Innovation~31st January~6th May2206
Categories: Onshore Rigs: pad drilling, mud pumps, power generators, top drives, rig equipment, BOPs, pipe handling and automation
Intelligent Systems and Components: digital oil field, "smart" and real-time control and monitoring systems, remote operations, automation, intelligent agents, "big data," and networks & software
IOR/EOR/Remediation: advances in all IOR/EOR and remediation methods, reservoir monitoring and modeling, stimulation, workovers, chemicals, CO2, environmental advances, and containment and response systems
Artificial Lift: ESP systems, PCP systems, rod lift systems, gas lift systems, jet pump, hydraulic pump systems, plunger lift systems, capillary injection systems and wellsite automation
Water Management: brine, frack water, produced water, flocculation, reverse osmosis, recycling, ultrafiltration, oxidation, storage, wastewater, metal removal and biocides
Subsea Systems: Christmas trees, BOPs, tiebacks, manifolds, processing (separation, compression and boosting), SSIVs, SURF (subsea umbilicals, risers and flowlines), pipelines, power supply and controls, ROVs/AUVs, IRM (inspection, repairs and maintenance), intervention, flow assurance, and metering and monitoring
Floating Systems and Rigs: floating production and topsides systems and designs (FPSO/FLNG/GTL/ FSO/TLP/ spar/ semi-submersible/hybrids), drilling units (rigs/drillships/ hybrids), turrets, loading and offloading, mooring and positioning, people and cargo transfer, and safety and evacuation
Marine Construction & Decommissioning: vessels and systems, pipelay and flowlines, platforms, subsea construction, marine transportation and installation, heavy lift, hook-up and commissioning, structure removal, intervention and workovers
Exploration: potential fields, geochemistry, seismic acquisition (land and marine), processing algorithms and software, reservoir characterization, interpretation software, and hardware
Formation Evaluation: wireline logging, core analysis, cuttings analysis and well testing hardware and software
HSE: hardware, software and methodologies related to health, safety and the environment
Drillbits: natural diamond, impregnated, PDC, bi-center, milled tooth, hybrid, insert and hammer
Drilling Fluids/Stimulation: chemicals, drilling mud, additives, flow enhancers and green systems
Drilling Systems: LWD/MWD, motors, coring, tool joints, fishing tools, drillpipe, whipstocks, subs, packers and rotary steerable systems
Hydraulic Fracturing/Pressure Pumping: surface equipment, frack trees, hhp, plug and perf, sliding sleeves, cementing, perforating, frack balls, zipper fracks, matrix acidizing, proppants and chemicals
Non-Fracturing Completions: modeling/simulation software, completion hardware and completion effectiveness monitoring (microseismic, tracers, etc.)
IOM3 Awards (Institute of Materials Minerals & Mining) ~31st January~30th June 3703
Categories: Medals and Prizes for Personal Achievement:
Tom Bell Surface Engineering Medal
Bessemer Gold Medal
Sir Andrew Bryan Medal
Chapman Medal
Tom Colclough Medal and Prize
Sir Colin Humphreys Education Award
Colwyn Medal
Dowding Medal and Prize
Medal for Excellence
Frank Fitzgerald Medal and Travel Award
Futers Gold Medal
Gold Medal
Griffith (A A Griffith) Medal and Prize
Grunfeld (Dr Paul Grunfeld) Memorial Award and Medal
Hadfield (Sir Robert Hadfield) Medal and Prize
John Hunt Medal
Hancock Medal
Roy T Holland Medal and Prize
Leslie Holliday Prize
Hume-Rothery Prize
Institute's International Medal
Institute's Technician Medal
Ivor Jenkins Medal
Kroll Medal and Prize
T B Marsden Professional Medal
Outstanding Contribution Awards
Platinum Medal
Prince Philip Award
Rosenhain Medal and Prize
Rowbotham Medal
Silver Medal
Stokowiec Medal and Prize
Swinburne Medal and Prize
Thomas (Sidney Gilchrist) Medal and Prize
Thornton Medal (incorporating the Clerk Maxwell Award)
Verulam Medal and Prize
Local Society of the Year Award
Adrian Normanton Medal
Alan Glanvill Award
Billiton Gold Medal
Composite Award
Cook/Ablett Award
Douglas Hay Medal
Guy Bengough Award
James S Walker Award
Mann Redmayne Medal
Materials World Medal
Pfeil Award
STWJ Best Paper Award
Wardell Armstrong Prize
Williams Award
Charles Hatchett Award
Harvey Flower Titanium Prize
Vanadium Award
Beilby Medal and Prize
Acta Student Award
Kelvin Medal
Global Water Awards~31st January~16th April4555
Categories: Water Company of the Year
Desalination Company of the Year
Breakthrough Water Technology Company of the Year
Smart Water Company of the Year
Water Project / Wastewater of the Year
Municipal Desalination Plant of the Year
Industrial Desalination Plant of the Year
Industrial Water Project of the Year
Water Deal of the Year
Water Leaders Award
Water Technology Idol
Society of Petroleum Engineers Awards~15th February~1st June 1727
Categories: International Awards
Honorary Membership
Distinguished Membership

Technical Awards
Anthony F. Lucas Technical Leadership Gold Medal
John Franklin Carll Distinguished Professional Award
Lester C. Uren Technical Excellence Award
Completions Optimization and Technology Award
Drilling Engineering Award
Formation Evaluation Award
Health, Safety, Security, Environment, and Social Responsibility Award
Management and Information Award
Production and Operations Award
Projects, Facilities and Construction Award
Reservoir Description and Dynamics Award

Professional Awards
Cedric K. Ferguson Young Technical Author Medal
Charles F. Rand Memorial Gold Medal
DeGolyer Distinguished Service Medal
Distinguished Corporate Support Award
Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award
Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award
Distinguished Service Award
Public Service Award
Robert Earll McConnell Award
Young Member Outstanding Service Award

Regional Awards

Technical Awards
Completions Optimization and Technology Award
Drilling Engineering Award
Formation Evaluation Award
Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Award
Management and Information Award
Production and Operations Award
Projects, Facilities and Construction Award
Reservoir Description and Dynamics Award

Professional Awards
Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award
Distinguished Corporate Support Award
Service Award
Young Member Outstanding Service Award
UK Gas Industry Awards (EUA/IGEM) ~16th February~15th May3550
Categories: 1. Manager of the Year
2. Engineer of the Year
3. Gas Industry Safety Award
4. Innovation Award - project of the year
5. Innovation Award - product of the year
6. Customer Service Award
7. Company of the Year
8. Gas Industry Leadership Award
9. Young Person's Achievement (aged 35 and under)
10. Energy Efficiency Award
The Global Energy Prize~19th February31st October2227
Categories: The Global Energy Prize
The EU Sustainable Energy Awards ~23rd February~20th June3461
Categories: Consumer
Public Sector
The Citizens’ award
Heating Installer Awards ~28th February~1st May 4583
Categories: 11 regional winners across the UK will go to the final in May to be crowned National Heating Installer of the Year.
The Global Good Awards 1st March19th June4382
Categories: Global Good Company of the Year
Global Good SME of the Year
Individual Leader of the Year
Community Partnership Awards
Best Education
Good Employer of the Year
Environmental Behaviour Change
Sustainable Supply Chain
Circular Economy
Best Product of the Year
Best Campaign of the Year
Best Start-up Enterprise
Technology for Good
Innovation of the Year
Energy UK Young Energy Professionals Awards~1st March~27th April5068
Categories: Communication Focus
Customer Focus
Engineer Focus
Innovation Focus
Low Carbon Focus
Rising Star
Team of the Year
CGI UK YEP of the Year
AD & Biogas Industry Awards ~15th March~11th July4028
Categories: UK Awards:

Best sewage treatment AD plant *NEW*
Best on-farm AD plant UK
Best food waste AD plant UK
Best food & drink industry AD project UK
Best small scale AD plant (sub 250 kW) UK

International Awards:

Best international sewage treatment AD plant *NEW*
Best international agricultural plant
Best international commercial plant
Best international small-scale plant

UK & International Awards:

Innovation in sewage treatment through AD
Best food waste reduction and collection system
Best process optimisation
Making the most of digestate
Making the most of biogas
AD hero of the year
AD team of the year
Best AD support (Technical)
Best AD support (Legal/Accounting/Consulting)
Regulatory/H&S Leadership Award
Research Project Award
Energy Risk Awards ~23rd March~15th May3472
Categories: Derivatives House of the Year
Corporate Risk Manager of the Year
Deal of the Year
Oil & Products House of the Year
Natural Gas House of the Year
Electricity House of the Year
Coal House of the Year
Emissions House of the Year
Weather House of the Year
Base Metals House of the Year
Precious Metals House of the Year
Agricultural Commodities House of the Year
Commodity Finance House of the Year
Commodity Research House of the Year
Commodity Broker of the Year
Exchange of the Year
Consultancy of the Year
Hedging Advisory Firm of the Year
CTRM Software House of the Year
Data House of the Year
Technology Advisory House of the Year
Innovation of the Year
Newcomer of the Year
Utility Week Stars Awards~3rd April~29th June2803
Categories: Big Bang Award for Innovation
Constellation Awards for collaborative work with a customer community
Constellation Awards for collaborative work with a supplier
Culture change champion Award
Data Demon Award
Guiding Star Award
Health and Safety Champion - Individual
Health and Safety Champion - Initiative
Hero Award - Individual
Hero Award - Team
Rising Star Award
Shooting Star Award
Supernova Award for Long Service
Offshore Safety Awards ~18th May29th August3123
Categories: Safety Leadership
Safety Representative of the Year
Innovation in Safety
Workforce Engagement
Operational Integrity
Sharing and Learning

Energy Institute EI Awards~25th May22nd November48
Categories: Public Engagement
Community Initiative
Energy Champion
Energy Management
Health and Safety
Innovative Technology
Young Energy Professional of the Year
Solar Power Portal Awards~31st May17th October4258
Categories: Contractor of the Year
Product Innovation
O&M Provider of the Year
Transaction of the Year [NEW]
Storage Business Model Innovation of the Year [NEW]
International Storage Project of the Year [NEW]
Utility-scale Storage Project of the Year
C&I Storage Project of the Year
Residential Storage Project of the Year
International PV Installation of the Year
Community Solar Installation of the Year
Ground-mount Solar Installation of the Year
Commercial Rooftop Solar Installation of the Year
Residential Rooftop Solar Installation of the Year

Solar + Power Awards~22nd June26th September1687
Categories: Cost Management Tool
R&D Award
Solar PV Material Award
Solar PV Equipment Award
Solar PV Process Award
Silicon Module Award
Thin Film Module Award
Solar PV BOS Award
Smart Energy Management Award
Rural Electrification Product Award
Rural Project Development
EPC Excellence
Solar PV O&M Award
Green Investment Award
Smart Energy Storage Commercial
Smart Energy Storage Residential
Ground mount Project Development Award
Commercial Rooftop Project Development
EPC of the Year
Utilities & Telecoms U&T Awards~29th June19th September2277
Categories: Household Water Team of the Year
Best Household Water Customer Service
Household Energy Team of the Year
Best Household Energy Customer Service and Social Care
Telecoms and Home Media Team of the Year
Best Telecoms and Home Media Customer Service
Best Use of Tech
Innovation of the Year
Best Outsourcing and Partnership Initiative of the Year
Best Vulnerable Customer Support Team
Data Integrity and GDPR Compliance
Customer Service Champion of the Year - servicer
Leader of the Year
Leader of the Year: Transition and Implementation
Customer Service Champion of the Year - in-house
IChemE Awards ~30th June1st November3154
Categories: Outstanding Achievement in Chemical and Process Engineering
Biotechnology Award
Business Start-Up Award
Best Business Start Up
NEW: Diversity and Inclusion Award
Energy Award
Food and Drink Award
Industry Project Award
Innovative Product Award
Oil and Gas Award
NEW: Pharma Award
Process Safety Award
Research Project Award
Sustainability Award
Team Award
Training and Development Award
Young Industrialist Award
Young Researcher Award
Water Award
International Mining Technology Hall of Fame ~30th June~20th February 3705
Categories: Outstanding Innovator
environmental Management And Stewardship
underground Development
underground Production
surface Mining

bulk Handling
mining Software
The Energy Awards~6th July5th December1617
Categories: Behavioural change/employee engagement
Commercial Building Energy Project of the Year
Energy Buying Team of the Year
Energy Champion of the Year
Energy Efficient Partnership of the year
Energy data collection and analysis
Energy efficient product of the year HVAC&R
Home energy product of the year NEW
Innovation of the Year: technology
Innovation of the Year; processes and projects
Lighting Energy Impact Award
Local Authority Initiative of the Year: NEW
Public Building Energy Project of the Year
Renewable Energy Technology of the Year
Residential Energy Project of the Year
Retail Energy Project of the Year
Supplier of the Year
Systems House Installation of the Year: NEW
Third Party Intermediary of the Year (Broker) - Over 50 employees
Third Party Intermediary of the Year (Broker) - Under 50 employees
World Oil Awards~13th July11th October1569
Categories: Best Completion Technology Award
Best Data Management & Application Solution Award
Best DeepwaterTechnology Award
Best Drilling and Completion Fluids Award
Best Drilling Technology Award
Best Exploration Technology Award
Best Outreach Program Award
Best Production Chemicals Award
Best Production Technolgoy Award
Best Visualisation & Collaboration Award
Best Well Intervention Award
Health, Safety, Environment/Sustainable Development Offshore Award
Health, Safety, Environment/Sustainable Development Onshore Award
Innovative Thinker Award
Lifetime Achievement Award
New Horizons Idea Award
The Electrical Industry Awards 20th July25th October3823
Categories: Commercial Product of the Year
Industrial Product of the Year
Residential/Domestic Product of the Year
Lighting Product of the Year (Lamps/Luminaires)
Lighting Product of the Year (Controls)
Trade Tool of the Year (including Test and Measurement equipment)
Electrical App of the Year
Electrical Project of the Year
Lighting Project of the Year
Marketing Initiative of the Year
Electrical Apprentice of the Year
Electrical Wholesaler of the Year
Outstanding Contribution to the Electrical Industry*
Contractor of the Year (turnover up to £1m)
Contractor of the Year (£1-5m turnover)
Contractor of the Year (over £5m turnover)
Oil & Gas UK Awards 3rd August1st November4441
Categories: Apprentice
Mentor of the Year
Workforce Engagement
Business Innovation and Efficiency

SME and Large Enterprise:
Diversity and Inclusion
Excellence in Decommissioning Award – New
MER UK Award

Zayed Future Energy Prize 9th August~20th October 2375
Categories: Large Corporation
Small & Medium Enterprise
NGO and Not-For-Profit Organisation
Lifetime Achievement
Global High Schools

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