Help with videos

“So, shall we use video to support our submission?”

What’s interesting here is that, depending on the situation, the use of video in awards programmes can be a necessity, a differentiator, a waste of time or a major liability.

The first thing we do when considering video content for awards is ensure we are using it for the right reasons, and in the right way. There are five main scenarios and we adapt our service to suit each one:

As a video-led submission: Very few awards will allow videos to be central to the entry. The exception is creative awards which often expect it. As such, we would help you create a professional looking and sounding video with strong evidence-based content, because this is a necessity to stand any chance of winning.

As supporting material for a written entry: It is far more common for awards to allow videos to be provided as supporting material, typically as a hyperlink. These tend to have very strict time limits and lower expectation of production quality. It is perfectly acceptable to create something on a lower budget here that brings the written entry to life, and can be a real differentiator.

As a video clip in support of a face-to-face presentation: This is the most dangerous use of video. If you use short snappy video clips that flow with the script, AND you get the IT, video and sound correct, then you can add a lot of impact. However, if, in the heat of the moment, something goes wrong, you can get thrown and the whole presentation falls to pieces. We can help plan and develop video and its implementation to maximise impact and minimise risk.

As an on-screen clip for the awards night or website: An increasing number of awards are using video on the night to showcase the shortlist, or winning entry. Here the video will not influence your chances of winning the award, but can make you look great on the night. These video clips tend to be extremely short, sometimes just a few seconds. Here we will help you find a way to make maximum use of every frame.

As part of post-award communications: If your story wins an award, then video can be a great asset to support your communications activities. Here, as with video-led submissions, high production value is a must, and you have more time to play with, both in terms of production time, and video duration. We can help you ensure that your win becomes a source of tremendous pride, employee engagement and hopefully a fair few additional media appearances and sales too.

Our services

As with many of our services, you can use us as much or as little as you like. The menu of services on offer is as follows:



Scripting and storyboarding

Scripting and storyboarding

The first step is planning the video. We will apply all the techniques we have mastered for written and face-to-face submissions to agree a script and storyboard that does your story justice within the parameters allowed for the video, whether a six-second vine or a two-minute presentation.

Filming and editing Filming and editing

Filming and editing

We will source cameras, sound equipment, lighting and studios as necessary, and then do all filming and editing. Basically we will make it as painless and yet professional as possible for you.

Sound and music

Sound and music

We can licence or even create bespoke background music for your video clip.

Voice overs and presenters

Voice overs and presenters

We will source the most suitable voice or presenter to narrate your video. This could be a member of your workforce, a senior manager or an external narrator.

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