Help with presentations

Anyone who has received the brilliant news that their award entry has been shortlisted knows it is an incredible feeling; you’re relieved and excited in equal measure, but what next?

Many of the most credible awards have a second face-to-face round of judging. This usually comprises a short presentation and then a Q&A session.

This second stage is everything, and with many awards, the scoring starts again from scratch.

The bad news is that you simply cannot just turn up on the day, speak from the heart and hope it’ll all be OK. This approach simply never works. Any awards judge can spot and will mark down any poorly prepared or rehearsed presentation, and you will almost certainly overrun or end embarrassingly early.

Don’t panic – we’re here to help!

Our team is bursting with experience in second stage presentations. Almost all senior consultants and directors have been an awards judge at some point, and have helped dozens of clients deliver winning presentations.

We offer a range of services you can pick and choose from to help ensure you put your best foot forward in front of the judges.

How we can help

You can opt for as many of the services below as you like:



Research Undertaking background research into other finalists, scoring systems, judges and any other insights which might gain you an advantage. This is where our relationship with awards organisers helps tremendously.
Story boarding This is where we add the most value. We will help you decide on an angle for your pitch, how it will play out during the time allocation, who should present and what assets to employ and when.
Script development We can bring your written entry to life by drafting a guideline script in spoken English. We don’t recommend reading from a script on the day, but you should initially map out your presentation verbatim for early rehearsals.
Slide development We can develop supporting slides using PowerPoint, Prezi or even Video. Again, this should not be a script, and should only contain content that adds to or reinforces what is being spoken.
Dress rehearsal A judge can spot an unrehearsed presentation in seconds. By having a member of the Boost team at your dress rehearsal, we will ensure that you master the delivery of your presentation.As part of the rehearsal, we will also prepare you for your Q&A session, for which there is a surprising amount of best practice.

We don’t recommend delaying your decision to the last minute. Whilst we can turn around a presentation overnight if needs be, the best approach allows a minimum of 2 weeks – ideally 3 weeks. It is rare that you get more advanced warning from awards organisers than this.

Please contact us to discuss which options work best given your budget, timescale and internal expertise and resources.

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