The Team

So, here we are, team Boost: the world’s largest team of dedicated award entry consultants! What makes us completely unique is that we are a real team – primarily pay-rolled, full-time employees of Boost. This means that you have a consistent point of contact, backed up by a group of colleagues consistently outstanding at award entry writing, but each also bringing to the party additional expertise. Our skills are many and varied but include graphic design, PowerPoint design, online surveying, competitor analysis, software development and impact evaluation.

  • Chris

    Chris Robinson

    Managing Director

    Hove Office, Sussex
  • Echo Ilott

    Echo Ilott


  • Caroline Robinson

    Company Secretary

    Hove Office, Sussex
  • Rebecca Page

    Rebecca Carpenter

    Managing Consultant

    East Anglia
  • Rob Henson

    Rob Henson

    Principal Consultant

  • Ceri Roberts

    Ceri Tetlow

    Principal Consultant *

  • Alex Coxon

    Alex Coxon

    Principal Consultant *

  • Sally Nelson

    Sally Nelson

    Principal Evaluation Consultant

  • Carrie Leaver

    Design & Support Manager

    Hove Office, Sussex
  • Helen Lorrimore

    Helen Smith


    Hove Office, Sussex
  • Thomas Paton


    Hove Office, Sussex
  • Lesley Billen

    Senior Consultant

  • Phillip Stock

    Award Database Manager

  • Adam Carpenter


    East Anglia
  • Donna Greenyer

    Senior Project Coordinator

    Hove Office, Sussex
  • Kate Johnson

    Project Coordinator

  • Frankie Hunt

    Frankie Hunt

    Project and Office Coordinator

    Hove Office, Sussex
  • Tilly

    Head of Wellbeing

    Hove Office, Sussex

Boost Awards International

  • Faye Renshaw

    Faye Renshaw

    Head of International Accounts

  • Véronique Tetlow

    Véronique Tetlow

    Consultant New Zealand *

    Boost Awards New Zealand

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* denotes contractor

Boost Marketing Ltd is registered in England and Wales, Company Number: 05799925, VAT no: GB883 9547 62